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The VitalSigns Story
Medically Based Nutrition, Fitness & Wellness

It may be when the lab work goes haywire.
When donuts lead to diabetes.
When a mild heart attack or physical event scares you.
Or simply when you realize you are too worn out and dysfunctional to live the way you want.

Trinity Medical Associates call it a ‘vital sign’ that you need to change your lifestyle to change to your health to get back your vitality!

On May 10, 2010 TMA introduced the first 12-week program – called VitalSigns — dedicated to addressing all the components that make up a healthy life style:

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Stress
  • Emotions
  • Sleep
  • Spiritual health

Sixteen people started on the journey to better health. The vital signs (including metabolic syndrome, diabetes, high blood pressure, lack of energy, pain, depression) were what the TMA physicians were counseling patients about the most. Medications were not providing resolution. Patients might have improved lab numbers such as cholesterol or glucose levels, but their quality of life was not improved. They required increasingly higher doses of medication or the addition of medications to counteract side effects.

TMA physicians decided to invest in the health of their patients in a cutting edge way—to produce true change, reduce and reverse chronic disease, and improve the quality of life so that people could pursue their God-given destinies to the fullest. Researching to find the most cutting edge science to support lifestyle change became their mission. Under the leadership of Dr. Randy Pardue, a team was formed to develop this 12-week program. Designed to be conducted in a small group setting, exercise and education would be combined. Each detail was planned to promote success, address accountability, and provide accurate information.

VitalSigns was designed for the community, not just TMA patients, hence its own facility in Hardin Valley. The facility provides gym memberships, classes, education, nutrition and many other features to provide the tools and education for individuals to change their lifestyles or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to the wellness facility, VitalSigns offers corporate wellness to Knoxville and surrounding area business. VitalSigns provides health risk assessments, educational classes related to nutrition and health issues, and assistance with companies’ wellness committees.

“We now routinely see the reversal of pre-diabetes, high blood pressure restored to healthy levels, BMI reduced from obese to normal weights, back pain eliminated and remarkable drops in lipid levels all while removing meds. I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed practicing medicine more as for the first time, I am helping patients become truly healthy rather than simply manipulating numbers with medication. Our patients are gaining energy and vitality as they learn that healthy eating can be enjoyable and exercise addictive”.
Dr. Randy Pardue
Chief Medical Advisor at VitalSigns

It is incredible how good nutritious food, exercise, stress management, and proper sleep can heal the body! We want to stand beside you and assist you on this journey! Blessings to you!