Discovering your personal calling~Who you are called to BE, What you are called to DO

Genuine joy and peace of heart arrive when you discover who you really are, clarify your God-given gifts and then find a work that allows you to be who you are and utilize your gifts besides.”   ~ Dave Beswick

First, discover who you really are, the person God created you to BE

Let the real you come out!

Because the one thing that you have to offer in life that is totally unique is being yourself.

Do you ever feel uncomfortable in your own skin? Do you ever feel that you are trying to be somebody you are not, or feel anxious at times trying to fit in? Would you like to be able to just relax and drop down into the person you really are? Join the crowd.


  • if you were able to see yourself as God sees you.
  • if you could be who you really are in relationship with yourself, others and God.

Once you discover who you really are, and then live it out by being who you are in all you think, say and do, you will experience a genuine joy, peace and authenticity in your relationships, activities and work. The Trappist monk, Thomas Merton, confirms the ultimate  importance of making this discovery:

For me to be a saint means to be myself.
Nothing else is required.
Therefore the problem of sanctity and salvation
is in fact the problem of finding out who I am
and discovering my true self.

Jesus grew in wisdom, age and understanding. He grew into an understanding of who He really was. We also are here to grow into an understanding of who we really are. God does not want us to wear masks hiding the person He created us to be. This home-study email course invites you to take the first steps in discovering who you really are so that you can genuinely be who you are in all your relationships.

Next, clarify your God-given gifts and personal qualities Let Your Light Shine Ubi

Because when you can name all of your gifts and personal qualities, and begin consciously using them for the service of others, you will become more joyful, productive and of greater assistance to others.

The goal of this home-study course is to help you clarify your:

  • action gifts, or what you are naturally gifted at doing
  • subsidiary gifts/skills, or those that complement your main gifts
  • personal qualities or how you transport your gifts to others

For example, if teaching is one of your action gifts, your subsidiary gifts could be creative class planning and setting up an aesthetically pleasing learning environment. But it is your personal qualities of teaching in a methodical, humorous and entertaining way, that effectively carry your teaching to the students.

When asked if they know what their God-given gifts and personal qualities are, most people say “yes” or “I think I have a pretty good idea.” While most are able to name a gift or two and some personal qualities to go along with it, they inevitably leave out gifts and qualities they never knew they had!

Can you name all of your specific gifts and personal qualities down to the tee? If you have any doubt, chances are that some of them are still waiting to be discovered. Leaving out one major gift and the subsidiary gifts and personal qualities that go along with it, is like leaving out one of the main bulbs in your chandelier. All are meant to shine.

This unique course invites you to sort through the pile of gifts and personal qualities under the tree of life until you find the ones with your name on them. It is not particularly important whether a certain ability is a spiritual gift, a natural human ability or a blessing from God. What is important is that you discover what your unique gifts are, so that you can consciously develop and use them for the glory of God and the service of others in your family, church, work, and local and worldwide community.

Your God-given gifts and personal qualities are under the tree waiting to be opened.

And then, discover the work you most need to do and
the world most needs to have done

Because no matter what your age or stage in life, once you          What is my heart's desire path?
realize who you really are, why you are here and what your natural God-given gifts are, your great challenge is to clarify the work that you most need to do and that the world most needs to have done.

Are you presently doing or about to do a work that you’ve inherited or fallen into? Have you been educated or trained for a career that you now have your doubts about doing? Maybe you are engaged in a work that offers great perks, but still can’t ignore the strong desire inside of you to do something you deeply care about instead.

Perhaps you’ve settled into a job telling yourself that you will stay put for another year until you figure out what you really want to do. Is the year up? Or maybe you just feel bored, unfulfilled or unhappy in your current job.

A Desert Father wrote, “What therefore you find that your soul desires in following God, that do, and keep your heart.” What does your heart truly desire? Are you ready to find a work that you truly love which will have a positive impact on all your relationships, provide a good income and make you look forward to getting out of bed each morning? This unique home-study course sets the stage for you to discover a work that allows you to be the real you and share all of your gifts at the same time.

When you are doing a work you truly love and that you believe is aligned with God’s wishes for you, you will have a joyful heart. The good news is that God not only places this desire in your heart, but gives you whatever and whomever you need to fulfill it as well. The cobblestone path of your heart’s desire work is much closer than you think.

Are you ready to discover who you really are, your God-given gifts and the work that will cause you to be happy when getting out of bed each morning? If yes, all three of the these courses are now available in one package called the “Discovering Your Personal Calling Home Study Course.”

This one-of-a-kind course presents timeless wisdom and uses time-tested assessments, exercises and questions, to help draw out the truth that is already within you. Messages from Scriptures, saints and spiritual writers are speckled throughout as well as from those whose personal experiences and writings contribute to your own self-understanding.

But wait! You don’t even know me! I mean, the courses may sound good, but you have no basis to trust that what I have to offer is any good. Therefore, I am going to give you the first course for free! You simply take the course and see for yourself if what I have to offer is any good. If it isn’t, or you just take away a few gems, then you’re not out a dime. However, if you really benefit from the course and gain clarity about who you really are and what gives ultimate meaning to your life, then the next 2 courses in the package are just $197 apiece for a total of $394.

However, I am offering both of them to you here for a grand total of $247. Once you see the quality of the first course, you can be assured that they next two courses will follow suit. No, I do not offer a money-back guarantee because what you get out of the course is what you put into it. In other words, if you respond honestly to the questions, exercises and assessments given, you will clarify your God-given gifts and at least get very close to the work that you most need to do and the world most needs to have done. And, if you need it, I will even give you one free 50 minute consultation after you complete the course to help you clarify the work that will be a joy (most of the time) for you to do.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for your free course today by calling 865-661-0537 or sending an email to We look forward to helping you gain greater clarity relative to these three very important topics in your life.