When the final bell tolls, the quality with which we have loved will stand out as the only gauge for a truly successful life.  ~ Dave Beswick

Besides having a wealth of experience as a long-time Jesuit seminarian, Buddhist practitioner and New Thought workshop leader, Dave Beswick has a very unique message that is urgently needed in today’s self-oriented world. That message, in the form of a single practice, holds the key to unlocking the door to building stronger relationships and communities within every family, every church and every business. “Are you kidding me!?” you may ask.

“It may sound like pie in the sky,” Dave says, “but when you take on this simple, yet profound practice that Jesus Himself engaged and taught, you will grow in greater understanding and love of yourself, others and God. Anyone can engage this practice. It’s not complicated. No matter what your background, age or religious preference, applying this practice will profoundly and positively enhance all of your relationships. And as relationships grow stronger, the communities of which you are a part, will grow stronger as well. This practice is called the Practice of Love because love is an activity, not a feeling.”

When you invite Dave to speak to your group, his personal stories will move hearts, his spontaneous humor will release endorphins, and his message will inspire people to actually want to put into practice what they have learned.

As a parent, church leader or owner of a business, what if engaging the Practice of Love produced a more honest, fluid and compassionate community of individuals within your group? What if business as usual became business with a more listening ear, open mind, softened heart and a body poised to move forward in service of others? Here’s what engaging the Practice of Love can bring about in a relatively short period of time:

The more you engage the Practice of Love with:

  • God in prayer, the more your relationship with God will grow.
  • your spouse, the more your relationship will grow as a couple.
  • your children, siblings, relatives and in-laws, the more your love
    will grow as a family.
  • your friends and those in your church and social groups, the
    more your relationships in the community will grow.
  • your boss, co-workers, employees and clients in your work, the
    more your work relationships will be strengthened and the
    more productive and profitable your work will become.
  • yourself, the more you will grow in genuine self-love and thus
    have more love to give in your relationships.

Building strong relationships with ourselves, others and God is the foundation for a genuinely happy and productive life. Are you ready to learn this practice and how you can begin applying it in all the key areas of your life? If you are, there are two major caveats: The quality with which you love will be significantly enhanced, and the key people in your life will thoroughly appreciate it.

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