“When the final bell tolls, the quality with which we have loved will stand out as the only gauge for a truly successful life.”  ~ Dave Beswick

The key that unlocks love’s door

Listen and respond

Besides having a wealth of experience as a long-time Jesuit seminarian, Buddhist practitioner and New Thought workshop leader, Dave Beswick has a very unique message that is urgently needed in today’s self-serving world. That message, in the form of a single practice, holds the key to unlocking love’s door and building stronger relationships within every family, every church, every group and every business. “Really?” you might question.

“It may sound like pie in the sky,” Dave says, “but when you take on this simple, yet profound practice that Jesus Himself engaged and taught, you will grow in greater understanding and love of yourself, others and God. Anyone can engage this practice. It’s not complicated. No matter what your background, age or religious preference, applying this practice will profoundly and positively enhance all of your relationships. And as relationships grow stronger, the communities of which you are a part, will grow stronger as well. This practice is called The Practice of Love because genuine love is a specific activity to be engaged rather than an emotion to be felt.”

What is The Practice of Love? How can I serve you?

The Practice of Love is how you practically go about fulfilling Jesus’ greatest commandment to love God above all things and your neighbor as yourself. Jesus explained why He came here:

“I have come from heaven, not to do my own will, but to do the will of the one who sent me.”  —John 6:38

“My food is to do the will of the one who sent me, and to complete his work.” —John 4:34

The focal point of Jesus’ life was doing the will of His Father. Everything He said and did grew out of this core relationship with the One He called “Abba.” To know the will of His Father He had to do one important thing: listen. Whether amongst a group of people or pulling away from the pressing crowds, He would listen often to the voice of His Father. It was on the mountain where He prayed all night before choosing His apostles. It was in the garden where he asked His Father to let the cup of suffering and death pass him by if it be His will. Listening to Him and acting on what He heard was the two-pronged Practice of Love that Jesus enacted throughout His life.

Because He knew that listening to His Father and acting on what He heard in a disposition of loving service was the basis for a truly happy life, he wanted others to engage the same practice. The Practice of Love is doing your best to listen to God speaking through yourself (i.e., your body and conscience), others, prayer/Scripture and in all of creation and then acting on what you hear in a disposition of loving service. In the Old and New Testaments, whenever God’s followers listened to Him and responded faithfully to what they heard, all went well. When they did not listen, things did not go well.

What would happen if you approached everyone you met with a “How can I serve you attitude?”

Imagine what your relationships would be like at home, church, in your social groups and at work if you approached everyone you met with a sincere “How can I serve you?” attitude? That’s what The Practice of Love recommends. As a parent, pastor, group leader or business owner, imagine if you consistently keyed into the fears, frustrations, wants and needs of those in your group and then did your best to serve them in any way you could. As a result, would not your spouse, children, parishioners, employees, students, patients and clients feel more loved, valued and served. That’s what The Practice of Love encourages you to do.

“Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.” ~ Matthew 25:40

Want to build a strong community of people in your care? Dare to listen and act on what you hear in service of others. That’s what The Practice of Love recommends. Here’s what engaging The Practice of Love can bring about for you personally in a relatively short period of time:

The more you engage the
Practice of Love with:

Angelique's homecoming from China

  • God in prayer, the more your relationship with God will grow.
  • your spouse, the more your relationship will grow as a couple.
  • your children, siblings, pets, relatives and in-laws, the more your love will grow as a family.
  • your friends and those in your church and social groups, the more your relationships in the community will grow.
  • your boss, co-workers, employees and clients in your work, the more your work relationships will be strengthened and the more productive and profitable your work will become.
  • yourself, the more you will grow in genuine self-love and thus
    have more love to give in your relationships.

Is there any other practice in the world that achieves these results and thus fulfills Jesus’ greatest commandment outright?

Building strong relationships with yourself, others and God by engaging The Practice of Love is the foundation for a genuinely happy, love-filled and profitable life. Are you ready to learn this heretofore hidden practice and how you can begin applying it in all the key areas of your life? If you are, there are two major caveats: The quality with which you love will be significantly enhanced, and the key people in your life will be eternally grateful.

When you invite Dave to speak to your group about how to practically engage the Practice of Love in everyday life . . .

his personal stories will move hearts, his spontaneous humor will release endorphins, and his message will inspire people to put into practice what they have learned. To have Dave speak to your group, just click here and follow a few simple steps. You will be glad you did!

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